Teleport Your Audience With Augmented Reality

multiCAM BACKDROP projects 3D images onto your screens, creating an immersive experience and transporting your guests at the snap of a finger.

Main Features

  • 3D interactive environment
  • Up to three 4K outputs per machine
  • LED/TV Wall mapping
  • NDI inputs, media player
  • multiCAM switching integration

Instantly change the look of your set

Studio sets are now interactive. multiCAM BACKDROP projects 3D images onto your screens (TV or LED walls), creating an immersive experience and transporting your guests at the snap of a finger.

Compared to green screen keying, projecting on screens offers better quality because:

  • you get real reflections of lights projected from the screens.
  • your talent knows exactly what is around them because they actually see it.
  • no constraint with glass reflections, no-green clothes, etc…
  • no suffering from “green fatigue,” which is essential when we one spends a lot of time in the studio.

BACKDROP synchronizes with your multiCAM system. It knows which camera is used and adapts the 3D projection to map to this angle of view.

BACKDROP comes with packages you can customize to match your branding. Based on Unreal Engine technology, we can integrate your graphics or you can order specific ones from us.

This is a packaged hardware-software solution. During the live session, you can manage your interactive environment remotely (tablet app, web interface, streamdeck).


The solution comes with a “3D RT” server box.

The standard version includes a powerful graphic card that can render realtime graphics. You can connect multiple machines in the network to extend your display.


  • We appreciate MULTICAM Team reactivity and skills to integrate what we needed for the Articial Intelligence engine.    

    John Huybrechs Technical Director at Bel RTL
    John Huybrechs
  • "I was dreaming about a system like that, Multicam did it! Easy-to-use, fully automated, just perfect!"  

    Mirek Radio Wroclaw / Technical Director
  • With Multicam RADIO integration with our paoyout system gives us so many options and we can now monetize the show with the visual radio!  

    Drew Pinkney Radio Chief Engineer (WBAL)
    Drew Pinkney





We organize interctive and live demos so you can experience the future of live video production and broadcsting with us!

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